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Film studio and splash screens have always facinated me. I was once scared of them when I was younger, but it eventually grew into a facination. Splash screens and bumpers have also peaked my interest in an archival way. These bumpers and logo splash screens are an art form within their own right and should be archived like anything else!

most, if not all of these images were taken from the Audiovisual Identity Database! Check out the site Here.

What are these?

Film studio logos are exactly what it says on the tin. Splash screens before (or after) movies, television, or on DVD's or other home media. These are meant to signify who published, directed, or created the film!

Bumpers are mainly used in TV- signifying the station that you're watching. These lend themselves to quite a lot more creativity on the statoins side- some may be longer and act as a special 'commercial' (For example: the cartoon city bumpers from Cartoon Network from the mid 2000's). I have quite the fondness for these.

Warning Screens are only found on home releases. Nearly all of these are anti-piracy screens- threatening the watcher that if they copy the dvd or casette they would be breaking the law. Within the US the splash screens including the FBI or other official groups are seen on the screens.

Station ID's/Technical Difficulties Screens is what it says on the tin. ID's stations use to identify their broadcasting station, and the special 'technical difficulties' screens when the station hits a bump- be it the antenna breaks, or something happens on the station that they don't want broadcasted.

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