Here's some bullet points about myself

- I'm a Transsexual and use He/It pronouns. My sexuality is unlabeled since that is also complicated and I don't feel like explaining it. Want a good visual of my gender? check this out: Gender

- I have a strong interest in Vulture Culture and Taxidermy. I have a few pieces at the moment but sadly they're in storage! Most people turn their noses up at this, but I love it. It's a solitary hobby for me, and I am able to traverse the woods in hopes of finding something!

- I am pro-pirating and pro-archival. We live in a digital age now and if we don't archive things they'll most likely be gone for good. No piece of art or media should be banished to the nothingness that is the digital dust bin. I am incredibly passionate about having physical media in an age of streaming, and since most collectors are a bit money-hungry, I always tell people to pirate old games and software that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else for a decent price.

- I am a lover of music, and I love finding new artist and genres. There are very few genres I don't like, and I love sharing my love with others and helping people find music that they may connect to. Music is an incredible art form that lends itself to so much creativity that I am always excited to listen to more.

- I love everything horror- Especially movies! It's such a facinating genre and it's always cool to find interesting ones. Though most are bad and I can admit that, though sometimes movies don't have to be good to be enjoyable :)

- I suffer with a number of issues- both mental and physical. These play into my personality fully, though I most likely will not delve into these issues here. They play a part in how I create this site and I may discuss them in my blog eventually. Who knows.

- I don't consider my site "webcore" or anything of that nature. I made this site for myself and myself alone to speak about things I enjoy while not having any social media, and I'm fine with that. Neocities has it's ups and downs, though I'm a broke college student and having a free hosting network helps.

- Proud slacker and college dropout :muscle:

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