I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I listen to basically everything, and I'm open to every genre. I love finding new music and listening to things people enjoy! Music is such a powerful art form and I love seeing how other people interpret it! My favorite genres are Doom metal, Technical and Melodic Death Metal, Folk, and more!

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Due to the nature of the internet at this point, I do have a Spotify out of convinience and a Bandcamp. I use both often but if I was able to I'd cut spotify out entirely but alas....


I value physical media, because it's a one time purchase and then you own it. I believe that going fully virtual will hurt us in the long run, especially with archival. I don't like streaming services for this reason- The constant subscription fees for music (Looking at you, Spotify), and the fact that you don't 'own' the music. I like to collect CDs rather than Vinyls due to storage reasons. I'm kind of scared to own vinyls because they take a lot of work to work properly, and record players are expensive. CD's can break, though. (I ordered a CD off of Discogs a while ago, and it came snapped in half- I couldn't even get a refund :( ) and Its just so much easier to store jewel cases than vinyls.

I like CDs the most because they have no lossy compression like most streaming services do. They are the highest quality music you can listen to! Buying used CDs is cheap as well, (though some albums are hard to find).

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